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Services for Older Adults

Dr. Robison and his colleague (and spouse), Beth Robison, MS, LMHC, are geriatric specialists.  They  provide assessment, counseling,  behavior consultation, and psychotropic medication consultation in health care and assisted living facilities as well as our office in Martinsville.  Our office is a fully credentialed provider in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  We are able to bill those programs independently for our services.  There is no cost for our services to facilities or, in most cases, to residents and their families.  We are not affiliated with a larger "senior psychology" group either in-state or out of state.  As an independent, local senior psychology practice, Dr. and Ms. Robison are able to respond directly and immediately when services are needed.  We currently are mental health service providers to several fine facilities, including the Waters of Martinsville, Grandview Health and Rehabilitation Center, Willow Crossing Health and Rehabilitation Center, Morgantown Health Care, Keepsake Village of Columbus, and Chateau of Batesville.  We also have working relationships with several hospital-based intensive behavior care programs for older persons in central and southern Indiana.

Services include:

- General psychological assessment
- Assessments to determine type and severity of dementia
- Mental competence assessment
- Assessment and recommendations on psychotropic medications
- Counseling and psychotherapy services
- Regular observation and charting of changes in residents' mental status
- Assistance to staff in planning and carrying out behavior plans
Medication recommendations to physicians are made in accordance with a physician's preference for level of detail.  According to a given physician's preference , we will avoid medication recommendations in our assessment and progress notes, or make recommendations ranging from very general suggestions that medication may be helpful, to specific recommendations on types and doses of medications.  We want to help, not interfere, with clinicians' medical decisions. 

Typically, services in nursing and assisted living facilities are via contract with the facility directly.  We arrange assessment appointments when contacted by the facility, a resident's medical provider, or a family member with legal authority to request services. If counseling, consultation, or ongoing periodic follow-up monitoring is desired, these can be arranged on a regular basis, usually every two to four weeks.