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Office Policies

Every professional office must have a few "ground rules" in order to serve all consumers effectively.  Our office is no different, although we attempt to make our services as accessible as possible.  If you choose to use our office for your needs, please keep these simple policies in mind:

1.  We make every effort to have a staff member at the office by the scheduled time of the day's first appointment.  However, we are a small office and, some days, the therapists double as the office staff.  In particular, Dr. Robison visits nursing homes and hospitals prior to coming to the office on Monday and Thursday mornings.  If there is no one here when you arrive for your appointment, please wait at least 15 minutes before leaving. 

2.  We ask that, if you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance.  This allows us to contact your therapist, who may be traveling a great distance to be at the office, and use your appointment time to complete other tasks.  If you call less than 24 hours in advance, a failed appointment fee may be charged.  The fee varies depending on the clinician the patient is seeing. 

3.  Because our therapists live several miles from the office, we must enforce a "two miss" rule with reference to failed appointments.  That is, if a patient misses two appointments without providing at least 24 hours advance notice and this occurs within a single, two month (eight week) period, we must ask that the patient seek mental health services elsewhere.  We will, however, assist you in finding another provider if you wish. 

4.  We ask that no weapons be brought to this office.  Our office is in a residential area with children.  If you have a weapon in your car or truck, please lock your vehicle securely and keep your weapon under cover.

5.  Please park in our driveway or in front of our building, on our side of the street.  Cars parked on the other side of the street are subject to tow. 

6.  We provide assessment services to persons who have been convicted of sex offenses or who are on the sex offender registry.  However, these persons should notify us if they have been convicted of a sex offense, as they must remain in line of sight of a staff member at all times.  We are unable to provide counseling to persons with a sex offense conviction.